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U. S. Steel Responds to Latest Round of Steel Exclusions


The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and the U.S. Department of Commerce today announced 178 additional exclusions from the Section 201 remedy. Of these, 104 exclusions were over the objection of the domestic steel industry. Today's announcement, which will be the final list of exclusions for this year, brings the total number of exclusions from the steel safeguard relief to 727.

Thomas J. Usher, chairman, CEO and president of United States Steel Corporation (NYSE: X), said, "We are disappointed by a number of the exclusions announced today. The domestic industry only objected to those exclusion requests where we currently make or have the capability to make the product in question. Unfortunately, a number of the exclusions granted today are for products we produce every day."

Mr. Usher added, "I know the Commerce Department and USTR have worked very hard throughout this process. Unfortunately, pressure by foreign governments for unjustified exclusions from the Section 201 remedy has been very strong."

Before considering new requests for exclusions next year, the domestic industry believes the exclusions process should be reformed to ensure that no further exclusions are granted for products than are or can be made domestically, and to ensure that the integrity and effectiveness of the President's relief is maintained.

A number of the exclusions granted today were subject to quantitative caps. The industry urges the Administration to impose quantitative limits on all exclusions made over the objections of domestic producers. It will also be imperative that the Administration swiftly and fully implement an effective import licensing system and anti-surge mechanism, providing sufficient public information to monitor imports of excluded products and ensure that such imports are not acting to undermine relief.

The domestic industry also urges the Administration to provide adequate resources to the U.S. Customs Service for monitoring and enforcement. Every effort must be made to ensure that products that are subject to Section 201 relief are not allowed to enter the United States misclassified as excluded products.

"The President's plan has been showing some positive results," said Mr. Usher. "It is critical going forward that no further erosion of this relief be permitted, that the integrity of the President's program be maintained, and that the industry be given the opportunity it needs and deserves to adjust and recover."


SOURCE: United States Steel Corporation

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