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U. S. Steel Shareholders Should File Tax-Free Statements With 2001 Federal Income Tax Returns


United States Steel Corporation (NYSE: X) announced today that shareholders receiving United States Steel Corporation common stock in exchange for USX-U. S. Steel Group common stock should file tax statements with their 2001 federal income tax returns indicating that the exchange was nontaxable. Shareholders of record should have received a copy of the tax statement in the mail. Shareholders holding stock through a broker will receive a copy of the tax statement with the proxy statement for U. S. Steel's 2002 annual meeting of stockholders, which is expected to be mailed on March 11. A printable version of the tax statement is available now through U. S. Steel's website, A discussion of the federal income tax consequences of the exchange is in the September 20, 2001, proxy statement concerning the spin-off of United States Steel Corporation.

Anyone holding USX-U. S. Steel Group common stock through a tax-qualified pension or profit sharing plan or in an individual retirement account meeting the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code does not need to file the statement with respect to that stock. Everyone else who held USX-U. S. Steel Group common stock on December 31, 2001 - the effective date of the spin-off of United States Steel Corporation - should file the statement with their federal income tax returns.

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