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U. S. Steel Clairton Works Tackles Three Projects For its Day of Caring Activities


On Tuesday, Sept. 10, approximately 70 United Way Day of Caring volunteers from U. S. Steel's Clairton Works and the city of Clairton will be working on three separate projects -- two in Clairton, Pa., and one in Elizabeth, Pa. At St. Clare of Assisi, workers will paint hallways, bathrooms and guidance counseling rooms and refinish the front doors. Other volunteers will be doing landscaping work at the War Memorial Center adjacent to the Clairton Municipal Building and at the Lucas Butler Memorial Field, which has been renovated in memory of a Clairton Works employee's son, an avid baseball player, who lost his life in an automobile accident.

  Who:       Available to the media will be the U. S. Steel volunteers,
             including Clairton Works General Manager Ray Terza; U. S. Steel
             vice president Len Chuderewicz and Project Leader Loretta

  When:      8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 10

  Where:     St. Clare of Assisi - 336 Miller Avenue, Clairton, Pa.
             War Memorial Center - Clairton Municipal Building
             Lucas Butler Memorial Field - Green Oak Elementary School,
              Elizabeth, Pa.

  Contacts:  U. S. Steel Clairton Works Project Leader Loretta Moore -
              412.233.1008 and cell phone for Day of Caring only
             United Way contact Bob DeWitt - 412.456.6864
             U. S. Steel contacts John Armstrong - 412.433.6792 or
              Carlee Vargo - 412.433.6777

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SOURCE: United States Steel Corporation

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